Rethink your wants and needs

It’s a fact – our well-being improves when we focus less on material goals and values. So a little more time with whānau, friends or nature, and a little less time at the shops, can help us get more out of life overall.

Repair what you can

When a product becomes faulty or out-dated, it can be tempting to just buy a new one – but that means throwing away energy and emissions, as well as the product. Clothes, shoes, electronics and furniture can often be fixed – and could be an opportunity to learn new skills.

Reuse what you have

The internet is full of creative ideas to repurpose old products into something functional or interesting. Or if you really don’t want the item, someone else might – advertise it online as free to a good home.

Borrow, share, rent or hire

Save more carbon and storage space by hiring things you’ll only use occasionally. Tools and trailers are easy to find – but that’s just the start. You can also:

  • hire toys from a toy library
  • rent an estate or SUV for roadies or ski trips
  • rent special-occasion clothes online such as wedding and party dresses, or maternity clothes.

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